bài tập

Bài 4.
Mark the letter  $A, B,  C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others in each of the following questions.
$1.A.$ rhinoceros          $B.$ significant                 $C.$ phenomena            $D.$ correspondence
$2.A.$ criteria               $B.$ mechanize                 $C.$ industry                 $D.$ elephant
$3.A.$ peninsula          $B.$ professional               $C.$ curriculum             $D.$ auditorium
$4.A.$  entrepreneur        $B.$ managerial          $C.$ engineering             $D.$ medieval
$5. A.$ millennium            $B.$ opinion                 $C.$ personnel                 $D.$ pneumonia
Bài 1. Mark the letter  $A,  B,  C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
$1.$  The doctor told him to keep .................. sweets and chocolate to lose weight.
$A.$ at       $B.$ back        $C.$ up       $D.$ off

$2.$  Can you.................. the papers with you when you come to see me, please.
$A.$ bring       $B.$ collect       $C.$ take        $D.$ get

$3.$  You'd better leave for the airport now...................there's a lot of traffic on the way.
$A.$ in fact       $B.$ in time       $C.$ in order       $D.$ in case

$4.$  He has just bought.................. expensive new furniture.
$A.$ an       $B.$ some       $C.$ these       $D.$ those

$5.$  Come.................. , children! Get your coats on or you'll be late for school.
$A.$ to       $B.$ across       $C.$ along        $D.$ over

$6.$  Because it had not rained for several months, there was a.................. of water.
$A.$ shortage       $B.$ drop       $C.$ scarce       $D.$ waste

$7.$  I should like to thank you,.................. my colleagues, for the welcome you have given us.
$A.$ on account of       $B.$ on behalf of        $C.$ because of        $D.$ instead of

$8.$  If you're not too tired we could have a.................. of tennis after lunch.
$A.$ match       $B.$ play       $C.$ game       $D.$ party

$9.$  ..................is a complete mystery how they ever got there in that car.
$A.$ There       $B.$ That       $C.$ It       $D.$ This

$10.$  I love this painting of an old men. He has such a beautiful,.................. smile.
$A.$ childhood       $B.$ childish       $C.$ childness       $D.$ childlike

$11.$ My main .................. to the new bypass is that it will spoil the countryside.
$A.$ object       $B.$ objection       $C.$ objective       $D.$ objecting

$12.$ If you wish to take photographs you'll have to have..................
$A.$ an application       $B.$ a permit       $C.$ an allowance       $D.$ an admission

$13.$ Don't forget our appointment. You'd better put it in your..................
$A.$ agenda       $B.$ diary       $C.$ calendar       $D.$ directory

$14.$ Our football team lost.................. three goals to nil.
$A.$ with       $B.$ by       $C.$ to       $D.$ in

$15.$ I've never been.................. insulted in my life.
$A.$ so       $B.$ such       $C.$ quite       $D.$ much

$16.$ As well as.................. in an office he used to have a part-time job as a waiter.
$A.$ to work       $B.$ he worked       $C.$ he was working       $D.$ working

$17.$ This is.................. the most difficult job I've ever had to do.
$A.$ by far       $B.$ by chance       $C.$ by heart       $D.$ my myself

$18.$ They are.................. their house because they need more bedrooms.
$A.$ increasing       $B.$ extending       $C.$ adding       $D.$ growing

$19.$ The taxi drew.................. at the gate promptly at six o'clock.
$A.$ up       $B.$ along       $C.$ outside       $D.$ over

$20.$ Jasmine is working as a dental assitant. What she does is.................. people's teeth.
$A.$ clean       $B.$ cleans       $C.$ cleaning       $D.$ to clean

$21.$ I haven't got anything for you.
$A.$ Never mind!       $B.$ It isn't the matter!       $C.$ Nothing!       $D.$ Not problem!

$22.$ Tickets are required for admission................... , those who don't have a tichket won't get in.
$A.$ Consequently       $B.$ Rather       $C.$ Similarly       $D.$ Subsequently

$23.$ The teachers were talking about the trip to see castles and the students were wondering..................
$A.$ why to go       $B.$ where they go?       $C.$ when it was       $D.$ what were they?

$24.$ Her father.................. that Ellen had been to Prague before.
$A.$ mentioned       $B.$ persuaded       $C.$ reminded       $D.$ told

$25.$ I enjoy reading the story. It was rather sad,..................
$A.$ also       $B.$ but        $C.$ so       $D.$ though

$26.$ The house I grew up.................. has been demolished and replace by an office building.
$A.$ in       $B.$ in it       $C.$ in that       $D.$ in which

$27.$ Elizabeth explained during the meeting that it was a.................. of what should have priority.
$A.$ belief       $B.$ fact       $C.$ possibility       $D.$ question

$28.$ Going by plane costs.................. taking the train to Ho Chi Minh city from Hue.
$A.$ twice more than       $B.$ twice as much as
$C.$ as much twice       $D.$ as much as twice

$29.$ - I am terribly sorry!
- ..................
$A.$ It's nothing.       $B.$ Nothing.        $C.$ Don't worry.        $D.$ Never mind.

$30.$ All the cereal grains.................. grow on the prairies and plains of the United State.
$A.$ but rice       $B.$ except the rice       $C.$ but for rice       $D.$ excepting rice
Bài 2. Mark the letter  $A, B, C$ or  $D$  on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following question.
$1$. The results...............couldn't be better.
$A.$ No matter what he tried hard
$B.$  No matter what how hard he tried
$C.$  Even though very hard he tried
$D.$  Despite the hard he tried

$2$. Please accept our...............congratulations!
$A.$  finest
$B.$  warmest
$C.$ dearest
$D.$  deepest

$3.$ They've bought a holiday cottage near the sea, and in..............course they plan to move there permanently.
$A.$  future   $B.$ due    $C.$  coming   $C.$  intended

$4.$ She should have been here but she's.............flu.
$A.$ gone thought with             $B.$  gone down with
$C.$ come in for        $D.$ come against

$5.$ A part-time job gives me the freedom to..............my own interest.
$A.$ pursue    $B.$ chase    $C.$ seek  $D$. catch

$6.$ She..............drive to the station every day but then she suddenly decided to walk instead.
$A.$ was used to     $B$. had used to
$C$. was using to   $D$. used to

$7$. I won't buy that car because it has too much ............on it.
$A.$ ups and downs        $B$. adds and ends
$C$. wear and tear        $D.$ white lie

$8.$ Tom: Would you like to have a drink?
Ben: ............................
$A.$ Yes, I am.        $B.$ sure        $C$. I really like it       $D.$ No, I don't like

$9$. Despite its wide range of styles and instrumentation, country music has certain common features.............its own special character.
$A.$ give it that   $B. $that give it   $C.$ which gives   $D$. that gives it to

$10$. His red shirt does not.............with his trousers.
$A.$ match     $B$. suit     $C$. fit    $D$. go

$11.$ It was..................that we decided to go camping in the mountain last weekend.
$A$ such nice weather         $B.$ so nice weather
$C.$ too nice weather          $D.$ enough nice weather

$12$. The conference was organized for all of the............in the state.
$A.$ Mathematic teachers          $B.$ mathematics teachers
$C$. mathematics' teachers        $D$. teachers of mathematic

$13.$ The fraction  $3/5$  is pronounced ..................
$A$. three-five         $B.$ three over fifth
$C.$ three-fifths       $D$. third-fives

$14$. The room needs.................. for the wedding.
$A.$ to decorate      $B$. be decorated    $C$. decorate     $D.$ decorating

$15$. "Is there anything interesting.................. the paper today?" "Well, there's an unusual picture .................. the back page."
$A$. in/on     $B$. on/in     $C$. in/in     $D$. on/on

$16$. It is a (an) .................. clock.
$A.$ nice useful German digital alarm
$B$. useful nice digital German alarm
$C$. German digital nice alarm useful
$D$. alarm nice German useful digital

$17$. The gap between .................. is on the increase.
$A$. the riches and the poor     $B$. the rich and the poor
$C$. the richer and the poorer    $D.$ the rich and poor

$18.$ Even though the mountain is very steep and the climb is hazardous, .................. strong - willed people have managed to reach the top.
$A$. Few      $B$. A few     $C.$ Little     $D$. A little

$19$. Edward's interview was intense. The interviewer wanted to know many factors about his personal life, and even asked him .................. had ever used any illegal drugs of any kind.
$A$. that if he    $B$. that he     $C$. if that he     $D$. whether he

$20$. Ann: How well you are playing!
Peter: ..................
$A.$ Say it again, I like to hear your words
$B$. I think so. I'm proud of myself
$C.$ Thank you too much
$D$. Many thanks. That's a nice compliment

$21.$ When my old school friends met, a lot of happy memories .................. back.
$A.$ will be brought    $B.$ were brought    $C.$ are brought   $D.$ had been brought

$22$. Susan: Do you mind if I switch the light off?
Paula: ..................
$A.$ Yes, I mind it, sorry     $B.$ What if I don't mind it?
$C.$ Yes, please do it     $D.$ I'd rather you didn't, if you don't mind.

$23.$ The contract .................. by Jane, a new secretary in our company because it has some mistakes.
$A.$ seemed to be typed    $B.$ was seemed to typed
$C.$ was seemes to be typed    $D.$ seemed to type

$24$. .................. in Stevenson's landscapes, the more vitality and character the paintings seem to possess.
$A.$ The looser the brushwork is
$B.$ The looser brushwork
$C.$ The loose brushwork is
$D.$ The brushwork is loose

$25.$ Fiona decided not to .................. the exam in Decmber.
$A.$ take on        $B.$ go in for        $C.$ get round to        $D.$ make for

Bài 3. Mark the letter $A,  B,  C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to indicate the best way to complete each of the following sentence.
$1.$ The curriculum at the public school is as good..................of any private school.
$A.$ or better than       $C.$ as or better than that
$B.$ as or better that       $D.$ as or better than those

$2.$ Some people send job applications even when they are reasonably happy in their jobs.................. improving their position.
$A.$ with hoping to       $C.$ with hopes of
$B.$ hoping that       $D.$ hoping to

$3.$ A congressional committee has been appointed to study a new procedure.................. to eliminate some costly expenditures.
$A.$ that is expected       $B.$ what is expected
$C.$ which expec              $D.$ that expected

$4.$ The committee members resented.................. of the meeting.
$A.$ the president that he did not tell them
$B.$ the president not to inform them
$C.$ the president's not informing them
$D.$ that the president had failed informing themselves

$5.$ After Michelle had taken control of the Accounts Receivable department, the finacial situation improved dramatically; her fiscal and management capabilities.................. to the success.
$A.$ should contribute       $C.$ must have contributed
$B.$ should have contributed       $D.$ must contribute
Bài 4. Read the folowing passage and mark the letter  $A, B, C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from  $1$  to  $10$.
WORKING mothers
      Carefully conducted $(1)$________  that have followed the children of working mothers have not been able to show any long-term problems, compared with children whose mothers stayed at home. My personal $(2)$________  is that mothers should be allowed to work if they wish. Wherther we like it or not, there are a number of mothers who just have to work. There are those who have invested such a big part of their lives in establishing a career that they cannot afford to see it lost. Then there many who must work out of pure economic $(3)$________ .Many mothers are not  $(4)$________  out to be full-time parents.
      After a few months at home with a much loved infant, they feel trapped and isolated.
     There are a number of options when it $(5)$________  to choosing childcare. These range from child minders and nannies throung to Granny or the kind lady $(6)$________ the street. $(7)$________ , however, many parents dont'n have any choice; they have to accept anything they can get. Be prepared! No matter how good the childcare may be, some children are going to  protest wildly if they are left. This is a $(8)$________  normal stage of child development. Babies separate well in the first six months, but soon after that they start to get crush on Mum and close family members. Make sure that in the first wwek you allow plenty of time to help your child settle in.
      All children are different. Some are independent, while others are more attached to their mothers.
      Remember that if you want to  $(9)$________ the best for your children, it's not the quantity of time you spend with them, it's the $(10)$________ that matters.

$1. A.$ researchers       $B.$ studies       $C.$ interviews       $D.$ questionnaires
$2. A.$ view      $B.$ idea       $C.$ thought       $D.$ decision
$3. A.$ reason       $B.$ duty       $C.$ necessity       $D.$ task
$4. A.$ made       $B.$ cut       $C.$ brought           $D.$ born
$5. A.$ refers       $B.$ concerns       $C.$ turns       $D.$ comes
$6. A.$ of       $B.$ opposite       $C.$ across       $D.$ next to
$7. A.$ In addition       $B.$ In fact       $C.$ In reality       $D.$ In contrast
$8. A.$ perfectly       $B.$ extremely       $C.$ very       $D.$ cetainly
$9. A.$ make       $B.$ give       $C.$ have       $D.$ do
$10. A.$ quality       $B.$ attitud        $C.$ behavior       $D.$ manner
Bài 1. Read the following passage and mark the letter  $A,  B,  C$  or  $D$  on your answers sheet to indicate the correct word(s) for each of the blank from  $1$  to  $9$.
        Many parents believe that they should to teach their child to child a real interest but  $(1)..........$ a child could be counter - productive if she is not ready. Wise parents will have a $(2)............$ attitude and take the lead from their child. What they should provide is a selection of  $(3).........$toys, books and other activities. Nowaday there is plenty of good  $(4)...........$ available for young child, and of course, seeing plenty of books in use about the house will also  $(5)..........$ them to read.
       Of course, books are no longer the only  $(6).........$ of stories and information. There is also a huge range of videos, which can  $(7)...........$ and extend the pleasure a child finds in a book are  $(8).........$ valuable in helping to increase vocabulary and concentration. Television gets a bad  $(9).........$ as far as children are concerned, mainly  $(10)..........$ too many spend too much time watching programmers not intended for their age group.
$1. A.$  insisting   $B.$ forcing    $C.$  making    $D.$  starting
$2. A.$  cheerful    $B.$  contented    $C.$  relaxed         $D.$  hopeful
$3. A.$  bright     $B.$  thrilling    $C.$  energetic    $D.$  stimulating
$4. A.$  material    $B.$  sense    $C.$  produce    $D.$  amusement
$5. A.$  provoke    $B.$  encourage    $C.$  provide    $D.$  attract
$6. A.$  source     $B.$ site        $C.$  style    $D.$  basis
$7. A.$  uphold    $B.$  found    $C.$  reinforce    $D.$  assist
$8. A.$  properly    $B.$  worthily    $C.$  perfectly    $D.$  equally
$9. A.$  review    $B.$  press     $C.$  criticism    $D.$  result
$10. A.$  because    $B.$  because of    $C.$  due to    $D.$  so that
Bài 2.
Read the following passage and mark the letter  $A, B,  C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to  each of the questions from  $1$ to  $10.$
Line    Before the mid-nineteenth century, people in the United States ate most foods only in season. Drying, smoking, and salting could preserve meat for a short time, but the availability of fresh meat, like that of fresh milk, was very limited; there was no way to prevent spoilage. But in  $1810$ a French inventor named Nicolas Appert developed the cooking-and-sealing process of canning. And in
$5$    $1850's$  an American named Gail Borden developed a means of condensing and preserving milk. Canned goods and condensed milk became more common during  $1860's$, but supplies remained low because cans had to made by hand. By  $1880$, however, inventors had fashioned stamping and soldering machines that mass-produced cans from tinplate. Suddenly all kinds of food could be preserved and bought at all times of the year.
$10$   Other trends and inventions had also helped make it possible for Americans to vary their daily diets. Growing urban populations created demand that encouraged fruit and vegetable farmers to raise more produce. Railroad refrigerator cars enable growrs and meat packers to ship perishables great distances and to preserve them for longer periods. Thus, by the  $1890's$, northern city dwellers could enjoy southern and western strawberries, grapes, and tomatoes,
$15$   previous available for a month at most, for up to six months of the year. In addition, increased use of iceboxes enable families to store perishables. An easy means of producing ice commercially had been invented in the  $1870's$, and by  $1900$  the nation had more than two thousand commercial ice plants, most of which made home deliveries. The icebox became a fixture in most homes and remained so until the mechanized refrigerator replaced it in the  $1920's$  and  $1930's$.
$20$  Almost everyone now had a more diversified diet. Some people continuted to eat mainly foods that were heavy in starches or carbohydrates, and not everyone could afford meat. Nevertheless, many families could take advantage of previously unavailable fruits, vegetables, and dairy products to achieve more varied fare.

$1.$ What does the passage mainly discuss?
$A.$ Causes of food spoilage
$B.$ Commecial production of ice
$C.$ Inventions that led to changes in the American diet
$D.$ Population movements in the nineteenth century.

$2.$ The phrase "in season" in line  $1$  refers to
$A.$ a kind of weather                  $B.$ a particular time of year
$C.$ an official schedule               $D.$ a method of flavoing food

$3.$ The word "prevent"  in line  $3$  is closest in meaning to
$A.$ estimate              $B.$ avoid              $C.$ correct              $D.$ confine

$4.$ During the  $1860's$, canned food products were
$A.$ unavailable in meal areas                        $B.$ shipped in refrigerator cars
$C.$ available in limited quantities                  $D.$ a staple part of the American diet

$5.$ It can be inferred that railroad refrigerator cars came into use
$A.$ before  $1860$              $B.$ before  $1890$              $C.$ after  $1900$              $D.$ after  $1920$

$6.$ The word "them" in line  $13$  refers to
$A.$ refrigerator ears     $B.$ perishables      $C.$ growers        $D.$ distances

$7.$ The word "fixture" in line  $18$  is closest meaning to
$A.$ luxury item                                  $B.$ substance
$C.$ commonplace object                $D.$ mechanical device

$8.$ The author implies that in the  $1920's$  and  $1930's$  home, deliveries of ice
$A.$ decreased in number              $B.$ were on an irregular schedule
$C.$ increased in cost                    $D.$ occurred only in the summer

$9.$ Which of the following types of food preservation was NOT mentioned in the passage?
$A.$ Drying                     $B.$ Canning
$C.$ Cold storage        $D.$ Chemical additives

$10.$ Which of the following statements is supported by the passage?
$A.$ Tin cans and iceboxes helped to make many foods more widely available.
$B.$ Commercial ice factories were developed by railroad owner.
$C.$ Most farmers in the United States raised only fruits and vegetables.
$D.$ People who lived in cities demanded home delivery of foods.
Bài 3.
Read the following passage and mark the letter  $A, B,  C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from  $1$ to  $10.$
     The development of writing $(1)$________ a huge difference to the word and we might see it as the beginning of the  $(2)$________ . Pieces of pottery with marks on that are probably numbers have been discovered in China that date from around  $4000$  BC. Hieroglyphics and other forms of picture writing developed in the  $(3)$________ around Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq)  where the ancient Sumerian civilization was based, from around  $3300$  BC onwards. However, the first $(4)$________ alphabet was used by the Phoenicians around  $1050$  BC. Their alphabet had  $22$  letters and it is estimated that it lasted for  $1000$ years. The first two signs were called "aleph"  and "beta"  which in Greek became "alpha"  and "Beth", which gave us the  $(5)$________ word "alphabet".
    The modern European alphabet is based on the Greek and  $(6)$________ to other European countries un der the Romans. A number of changes took place as time passed. The Romans added the letter G, and the letter J and V were $(7)$________ to people in Shakespeare's time.
If we $(8)$________ the history of punctuation, we also find some interesting facts. The Romans used to write quest at the end of  a sentence in $(9)$________ to show that it was a question. They started to write Qo in  $(10)$________ in $(10)$________ of the whole word, and then put the Q above o, in the end, that became the question mark "?".

$1.A.$ did                  $B.$ had                 $C.$ made                      $D.$ took
$2.A.$ media            $B.$ bulletin          $C.$ progamme             $D.$ journalism
$3.A.$ distance        $B.$ area               $C.$ length                      $D.$ earth
$4.A.$ true               $B.$ accurate          $C.$ exact                      $D.$ precise
$5.A.$ new                $B.$ trendy             $C.$ modern                 $D.$ fashionable
$6.A.$ spread          $B.$ appeared        $C.$ was                         $D.$ occurred
$7.A.$ infamous      $B.$ unpopular       $C.$ unknown              $D.$ hidden
$8.A.$ look into       $B.$ bring on          $C.$ make off                $D.$ hold up
$9.A.$ turn               $B.$ fact                    $C.$ order                   $D.$ intention
$10.A.$ position    $B.$ space                $C.$ spot                       $D.$ place
Bài 4.
Read the following passage and mark the letter  $A, B, C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the question from  $1$  to  $10.$
       Even a muddy pond contributes to the ecosystem that affects the environment. A vernal or springtime pool is only a few deep and lasts only from March until mid-summer but yields a considerable number of diverse life forms. Like all of nature, there are predators and victims, and a particular living being may be one or the other, depending on its age and characteristics. One may  find masses of spotted salamander eggs floating just under surface of the pond, left behind by adults who entered the pond early in the season before predators arrived. Other amphibians and reptiles return to the recurrent pond year after year to reproduce, as their ancestors have done for years.
         Various forms of algae grow well in the murky water if there is sufficient sunlight. They in turn produce and transit owygen to the salamander embryos and other young that are not yet able to survive outside of water. Diving beetles feast on eggs and larvae deposited in the pond by the salamanders and other amphibians that have called it home. Tadpoles are born in the late spring and feed on the algae. The pond also invites wood frogs staking their territory and courting potential mates, calling as loud as quacking ducks.
By the end of the short season, the pond dries to spongy mud and then dries further, becomingcovered with leaves and debris, until the following spring when the process repeats itself.

$1.$ What is the author's purpose stated in the first sentence: Even a muddy pond contributes to the ecosystem that affects the environment?
$A.$ To explain that a vernal pool is very muddy.
$B.$ To describe how the vernal pool fits into the larger environment picture.
$C.$ To explain that mud is important to the environment.
$D.$ To show how algae grows.

$2.$ The word yields in the third sentence means most nearly the same as
$A.$ produces       $B.$ contributes to       $C.$ kills       $D.$ harms

$3.$ The word diverse in the third sentence means most nearly the same as
$A.$ distinct       $B.$ living       $C.$ numerous       $D.$ primitive

$4.$ The word its in the fifth sentence refers to
$A.$ predator       $B.$ pond       $C.$ living being       $D.$ nature

$5.$ Which sentence in the first paragraph indicates that a young life form might be prey to an older life form?
$A.$ A vernal or springtime pool is only a few deep and lasts only from March until mid-summer but yields a considerable number of diverse life forms.
$B.$ Like all of nature, there are predators and victims, and a particular living being may be one or the other, depending on its age and characteristic.
$C.$ One may find masses of spotted salamander eggs floating just under the surface of the pond, left behind by adults who entered the pond early in the season before predators arrived.
$D.$ Other amphibians and reptiles return to the recurrent pond year after year to reproduce, as their ancestors have done for years.

$6.$ Which sentence in the first paragraph indicates that life forms continute to act in the same way as the same life forms did previously?
$A.$ A vernal or springtime pool is only a few deep and lasts only from March until mid-summer but yields a considerable number of diverse life forms.
$B.$ Like all of nature, there are predators and victims, and a particular living being may be one or the other, depending on its age and characteristic.
$C.$ One may find masses of spotted salamander eggs floating just under the surface of the pond, left behind by adults who entered the pond early in the season before predators arrived.
$D.$ Other amphibians and reptiles return to the recurrent pond year after year to reproduce, as their ancestors have done for years.

$7.$ The word murky in the first sentence of the second paragraph means most nearly the same as
$A.$ clearly       $B.$ cloudy       $C.$ cold       $D.$ life-producing

$8.$ The word they in the second sentence of paragraph two refers to
$A.$ salamander embryos.        $C.$ forms of algae.
$B.$ young            $D.$ sunlight

$9.$ Which of the following does the author imply in the first two sentence of paragraph two?
$A.$ The life forms in the pool live in water their entire lives.
$B.$ Some of the life forms live in water first and later on land.
$C.$ The life forms found in the pool do not require oxygen to live.
$D.$ Algae is strictly a food source.

$10.$ The word recurrent in the last sentence of paragraph one means most nearly the same as
$A.$ moving       $B.$ recurring       $C.$ stagnant       $D.$ warm
Bài 1.
Mark the letter  $A,  B,  C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that need correction.
$1$. By the time of the dinosaurs, turtles have already developed the hard shell into which their heads and legs could be drawn.
$A.$  time of          $B.$ have          $C.$ into which           $D.$ drawn

$2$. The closer it gets to December  $21$, the first day of winter, the short the days become.
$A.$ the closer         $B.$  of winter         $C.$  short         $D.$ become

$3$. W. Somerset Maugham's best - known novel, Of Human Bodage, is a partially fictionalized account of a unhappy youth.
$A.$ best - known        $B.$ partially         $C.$ of a         $D.$ youth

$4$. There are more than eight-four milion specimens in the National Museum of Natural History's collection of biological, geological, anthropology treasures.
$A.$ specimens  $B.$  collection  $C.$  anthropology  $D.$  treasures

$5$. up to World War II almost all important research in physics had made in universities, with only university funds for support.
$A.$ almost all    $B.$  research   $C.$ made  $D.$  for support
Bài 2. Mark the letter  $A, B, C$  or  $D$ on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to the original sentence in each of the following question.
$1.$ "Why don't you take extra classes in English if you want to become a tourist guide?"  said my friend.
$A.$ My friend told me not to take extra classes in English if I wanted to become a tourist guide.
$B.$ My friend want to kinow why I didn't I take extra classes in English if I want to become a tourist guide.
$C.$ My friend asked me why didn't I take extra classes in English if I wanted to become a tourist guide.
$D.$ My friend advised me to take extra classes in English if I wanted to become a tourist guide.

$2.$ Mr. Carter is very intersted in our plan, I spoke to him on the phone last night.
$A.$ Mr. Carter, to whom I spoke on the phone last night, is very interested in our plan.
$B.$ Mr. Carter who I spoke to on the phone last night is very interested in our plan.
$C.$ Mr. Carter, who is very interested in our plan, I spoke to on the phone last night.
$D.$ Mr. Carter is very intersted in our plan to whom I spoke on the phone last night.

$3.$ Housewives do not have to spend a lot of time doing housework any more.
$A.$ Housework will never be done by housewives any more.
$B.$ Housewives have to spend more and more time to do housework.
$C.$ Never have housewives spent as much time doing housework as they do now.
$D.$ No longer do housewives have to spend a lot of time doing housework.

$4.$ It's common knowledge that he has been in prison several times.
$A.$ He is known to have been in prison several times.
$B.$ He is known to be in prison several times.
$C.$ He was known to have been in prison several times.
$D.$ He was known be in prison several times.

$5.$ He said, "Happy Christmas!"
$A.$ He wished me a happy Christmas.
$B.$ He told me about a happy Christmas.
$C.$ He wanted me to have a happy Christmas.
$D.$ He said a happy Christmas to me.

 $6.$ You must never take your helmet off while you are riding a motorcycle.
$A.$ If you are riding a motorcycle, you needn't wear a helmet.
$B.$ When you are riding a motorcycle, wearing a helmet is not a must.
$C.$ You needn't wear a helmet whenever you are riding a motorcycle. 
$D.$ Helmets must be worn at all times when you riding a motorcycle.

$7.$ She wasn't wearing a seat-belt. She was injured.
$A.$ If she had been wearing a seat - belt, she wouldn't have been injured.
$B.$ If she had wearing a seat - belt, she would have been injured.
$C.$ If she had wearing a seat - belt, she wouldn't be injured.
$D.$ If she hadn't been wearing a seat - belt, she wouldn't be injured.
Bài 3.
Mark the letter $A,  B,  C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to show the underline part that needs corrections.
$1.$ He didn't know who it was and couldn't imagine why they did it, but there must have been somebody that started the rumour which he was from to London and very wealthy.
$A.$ who       $B.$ why       $C.$ that       $D.$ which

$2.$ Martin told me that he wanted to remind that what was important was not the cost, but how well the job was done.
$A.$ told me that        $C.$ what was important
$C.$ remind that        $D.$ how well the job was done

$3.$ If I were late, they usually made me stay after school and I had to do extra homework.
$A.$ were       $B.$ made       $C.$ stay       $D.$ had

$4.$ I'm not the kind of person who goes around thinking if only I have done this or that. I just feel lucky.
$A.$ goes       $B.$ thinking       $C.$ have       $D.$ feel

$5.$ The tour of the palace included a visit to the old kitchen where they were baking bread and the huge underground wine cellar which was containing thousands of bottles and felt like a prison.
$A.$ included       $B.$ were baking       $C.$ was containing       $D.$ felt
Bài 4.
Mark the letter  $A,  B,  C$  or  $D$  on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to the sentence in italics.
$1.$ Had she read the reference books, she would have been able to finish the test.
$A.$ If she had read the reference books, she could finish the test.
$B.$ Not having read the reference books, she couldn't finish the test.
$C.$ Although she didn't read the reference books, she was able to finish the test.
$D.$ Because she read the reference books, she was able to finish the test.

$2.$ My sister will have lived in London for ten years by next Christmas.
$A.$ My sister is living in London now.
$B.$ My sister will live in London for ten years from next Christmas.
$C.$ My sister has lived in London for ten years.
$D.$ My sister will live in LOndon for another ten years from next Christmas.

$3.$ There was no need for the girls to make such a big cake.
$A.$ It was not necessary for the girls making such a big cake.
$B.$ The girls didn't need make such a big cake.
$C.$ The girls needn't make so big a cake.
$D.$ The girls needn't have made so big a cake.

$4.$ Do you know what his job is?
$A.$ Do you know what does he do?
$B.$ Do you know what is his job?
$C.$ Do you know what he earns his living?
$D.$ Do you know what  he does?

$5.$ The burglar was caught red-handed by the police when he broke into the flat.
$A.$ The police caught the burglar breaking into the flat.
$B.$ The police caught the burglar to break into the flat.
$C.$ The police caught the burglar when breaking into the flat.
$D.$ When the burglar had broken into the flat, the police caught him at once.
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